Halloween Havoc


With our collection of ghoulish gorge looks in darkest blacks, blood curdling reds, spooky greys and a pop of pumpkin, your outfit is guaranteed to be a treat . Do it in lace, velvet and leather to make sure you are creepy cool, but…

bridget shona-spider freda valentina

A Halloween party can’t be all things nice so we say trick your guests with some of these nightmarish nibbles mwah hah hah hah hah….

Jerrifying Jelly Worms



Partied Out Pumpkin Guacamole


guacamole_ingredients guacamole_method

To serve the guacamole in a pumpkin, simply carve a small pumpkin and remove it’s seeds and insides. Place the pumpkin on a serving dish and pour the guacamole in front of the pumpkin’s mouth, pushing a little guacamole up to it’s mouth so it looks like it’s coming out of the mouth, Serve with nachos on the side.

Wicked Witches Fingers




Black Widow Cocktail


cocktail_ingredients cocktail_method


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