February Fix

Bye Dry January, hello hangovers!! We haven’t missed you although we have missed our big nights out!!

In case, like us, you need a quick fix this February, some of team VVV have shared their best hangover cures and (bonus) none of them contain raw eggs!


 Hot shower. If you can drag your self out of bed to actually do this, the warmth and steam freshens you right up. Put a fresh pair of PJs on afterwards and go back to your Netflix.


Lying on cold tiles. If you’re feeling sick, lying down with your cheek on the cold tiles helps to stop the room spinning and cools you down. Just don’t fall asleep there!


 Swim. Yes!! Not only will you feel like a serious over achiever after managing this, you will also feel 100 times better.  Do it!!


 Rehydration smoothie. Obvs the main reason we are suffering is because of that damn dehydration. I always have these ingredients in my freezer before a night out so that I can make this quick fixing rehydrating smoothie. All you have to do is chuck it all in a blender, sink it and go back to bed.

1 cup frozen watermelon frozen

1/2 cup coconut water

1 1/2 tsp. lime juice.

4 to 5 mint leaves

4 ice cubes


Food…Seeing as calories don’t count at the weekend, I say eat your way out of it. My favourite is salt and chilli chinese chicken (to boost the salt you have lost from the night before of course!)


Tiger Balm. This is a traditional Asian remedy I stole from my travels. If you massage it on the back of your neck and temples your headache will fade away.


 Ice cold banana flavoured Yazoo with barbecue Hula Hoops followed by a sustained period of shame and regret works for me, aaarrgh!


Bloody Mary. This definitely makes me feel better anyway. It may be all psychological but hey, heavy on the Tabasco.


I always alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. I get a few sideways glances sometimes, but who cares,I always feel fresh in the morning.


47 bags of crisps and 325 cups of tea watching back to back episodes of The Knick, my new TV obsession!!!!


 Can of coke.  Seriously, I swear by this. The fizz, plus the sugar and caffeine is a winner every time. Make sure you have one in your fridge for when you wake up.


More Guinness.

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