Meet The Model – Beth


Wanna get to know our latest model Beth a bit better?

We asked her a few little questions just for you 😉

How would you describe your personal style?

Super minimalist and simple.

Favourite fashion item?

My Miu Miu sunglasses.


What are you doing for your next birthday?

It’s my 21st in April and I’m planning a girls weekend in Dublin, can’t wait!!

What celebrity do you have a crush on?

Chris Brown ❤


What scares you the most?

The dark and quietness. (I always have to play music)

What songs are soundtracking your life ATM?

Slow Jamz – Twista Ft Kanye West

& You – Lloyd Ft Lil Wayne.

Old school R&B all the way!!

Big crowd or small group?

Small group of besties always.

Any party tricks we should know about?

I can make a ‘W’ shape with my tongue and bend my arms the whole way back (lol)

Top Beauty Tip?

Always moisturise your neck as it’s the first place to show signs of ageing…thank me later 😉

Who are you stalking on social media?

@lisaroddy and @shea_blake on Instagram

Netflix or Nightclub?



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