Halloween Make Up Hacks

This Halloween it’s all about the make up girl.  Show up at the party lookin’ ghoulishly good with these frighteningly fierce faces. #Inspo


This cute deer look is all about the contour.  With a wide brush add loads of bronzer above your forehead, sides of the face, cheeks, chin and the sides of your neck.  Add lots of blush and draw a cute deer nose on the tip of the nose following it down to your upper lip.  Then apply white dots with a white cream make up.  Yes deer!!


#Mermaidmakeup is really trending RN.  The trick to this look is fishnet tights!! Just pop these over your head and use a sponge to pat on your chosen cream shadow colour.  Use the same cream shadow around your face and contrast this with bolder lips and eyes.  Mermaid tail essential…


To create Kim K’s not so basic skeleton look, just grab some white and black make up and a sponge.  Draw black eyeliner around your eyes and nose and then draw on the teeth and bones.  Fill these in with shadow, smudge it around and fix it all with powder.


Purr-fect your cat costume with this dramatic cat look.  All you need is black eyeliner, huge lashes and mascara.  Meow

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