Ready To Binge On Netflix?

Want to up your Netflix game this Christmas but not sure what to watch?

Get ready to find your latest addiction with Team VVV’s guide to the best of the year!


The OA

The latest Netflix original to drop, we recommend you watch this supernatural mystery all in one go.  Why? You will need to know why the previously blind Prairie Johnson who went missing 7 years ago has returned home and can now see!! Is she dangerous or is she a miracle?



Black Mirror

These are dark, sometimes twisted, sometimes funny, single dramas about today’s culture.  Pretty intense but pretty unique.



The Crown

Love a bit of a period drama? Well this one’s got it all.  Behind the closed doors of Queen Elizabeth II early reign, it’s got big budget sets, killer costumes plus all the arguments you could need.




This ‘nice guy’ meets ‘wild child’ story by Judd Apatow is the perfect will they won’t they series.  It’s cute and cringey, awkward and sexy all at the same time and we really want it to work out….



Luke Cage

In the mood for some superhero action? Set in the Marvel Universe, Luke Cage battles for his city using his super strength and unbreakable skin (and the soundtrack is really damn good too).



Peaky Blinders

Sex, guns, alcohol and bad boys, what’s not to love? With gang leader Cillian Murphy smoking his way through all the 1920’s drama, these episodes always leave us wanting more.


Stranger Things

If you have’t seen Stranger Things, welcome to your new obsession.  It’s 80’s sci-fi perfection starring Winona Ryder and an awesome cast of kids.  If you love E.T, you might just love this even more.



The Get Down

Set in 1970’s New York during the birth of hip hop in the Bronx, this music filled show is gonna’ make you want to get your DJ face on!!


So grab a box of Roses and ready, set, binge…


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