LIT Festival Hair and Make Up

The festival countdown is on!!!  Your outfit needs to be LIT and so does your hair and make up.

Get ready with our top tips to get you into the festival state of mind. 


Festival hair

Killer braids – If you have those long ass locks, sex them up with killer braids.


Cotton candy hair – Pink hair is the new craze, why fit in when you were born to stand out, go cotton candy pink.


Glitter those roots – YAAAAS to glitter always, sprinkle it everywhere.


Mer-mazing – Lusting over mermaid hair, definitely a festival must have.


Crushing on pastel – Go full on unicorn and pastel the sh*t out of that hair.


Festival Makeup

Go bad gal attitude – With killer bling, bold brows and pink smoked out eyes. Hot damn…


Colourful peepers – Go full on rainbow eyes and give them something to look at.


Grungy glam – Blown out smokey eyes, sharp brows and indie stripes, girl you will own that festival.


Metallic lips – Your lips are the gun and your smile is the trigger blow them away with full on metallic lips.


Blue smokes – No one does festival like Shay Mitchell, smoke that bottom lash line out with a pop of blue, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

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