Summer Beauty Trends

1.Bare Skin

This summer we’re going back to the old school to achieve healthy, radiant skin.  Let’s cut out the strobing, baking and contouring of our daily routine and let our skin breathe. Pair with a bold lip, a strong eye or just keep it simple and girl you will be rocking flawless skin this summer.


2.Feather Brows

Brows are the most important step in anyone’s routine and this summer it’s all about the feather brow. Love it or hate it, it’s taking the beauty scene by storm.


3.Pretty In Pink

Pink is now becoming the new neutral.  Glide it across your cheekbones, keep it soft on the eyes and if you dare go bold on the lips.  Just go cray cray with pink, it adds a fresh look to the skin.


4.The Smudgy Eye

Never mind the neat cut crease or the perfectly blended shadow. It’s all about the messy shadow, that late night/early morning look. Use a kohl pencil and smudge it out with a clear gloss to get the maximum smudge effect.



Who doesn’t love glitter?  Glitter lips, glitter eyes, even on the skin. It’s gonna be a sparkly affair this season.


6.Lip Gloss

Forget last years matte lip, it’s now all about the gloss. Add some dimension and shine to your lips and get yourself fully kissable baby.


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