Which Friend Are You??

We all have at least one role to play in our group of friends.  Maybe you’re the brutally honest one, the one always making jokes, the fiercely loyal one or do you just spread magic wherever you go?

Take our My Little Pony poll below to tell us which one of the Friendship is Magic gang you are:

Twilight Sparkle

Kind: Unicorn & Alicorn 

Mystical Element: Magic

Powerful and purple, with long flowing hair and pink sparkle, she can transform herself from a unicorn into an Alicorn Princess and holds the mystical element of Magic.

You’re probably Twilight Sparkle if:

You transform from sweatpants and hun bun to full on glam girl, like unrecognisable in a matter of minutes.



Kind: Earth Pony

Mystical Element: Honesty

Glowing in orange with long blonde locks, Applejack is a brave, reliable, strong, hard-working pony representing the ladies on the farm.  She is a farmer who’s mystical element is honesty.

You’re probably Applejack if:

You’re the only one who will tell your friend if they’re dating a f*ckboy.

Pinkie Pie

Kind: Earth Pony

Mystical Element: Laughter

Rocking pink, Pinkie Pie is a baker and party organiser who likes to perform and provides all the comical gags, which is why her mystical element is laughter.

You’re probably Pinkie Pie if:

You send all the hilarious memes to the group Whatsapp.

Rainbow Dash

Kind: Pegasus Pony

Mystical Element: Loyalty

A blue beauty who clears the skies and patrols the weather. She always stays loyal to her BFFs and that’s why she was given the mystical element of loyalty.

You’re probably Rainbow Dash if:

You’re always the girl carrying someone home at the end of the night.


Kind: Unicorn Pony

Mystical Element: Generosity

A crystal white unicorn with purple flowing hair, Rarity prides herself in fashion and beauty.  As a fashion designer, she always looks her best and rocks the mystical element of generosity.

You’re probably Rarity if:

You don’t mind sharing your last slice of pizza, even if it is a double stuffed crust.


Kind: Pegasus Pony

Mystical Element: Kindness

A bright yellow beauty with her pink cutie mark. As an animal caretaker she shows the strength of her kindness, looking after animals. So her mystical element is kindness.

You’re probably Fluttershy if:

You totally don’t mind lending your new bag to a friend even though you know she’s going to spill a drink over it.

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