Summer Hair Trends

Need to change up your look this season? Try one of these 5 hair trends to take it to next level sass this summer.


1. Super sleek

Part your hair in the centre and get those straighteners out. Sleek centre parted hair is one of the biggest trends right now.


2. Hair flip 

One of the easiest, messiest but hottest trends, simply flip your hair to one side, give it a shake to add some volume and girl you got hair to kill.


3. Undercut 

Add the cool vibe to your hair with an undercut, it’ll give you the edge you need this summer.


4. The Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is the sexy bob you will need not just for summer but all year round. It adds sass to everything.



5. The High Pony

Put it UP!  The high pony, straight or textured, gives you style and elegance. The tighter you go the more it will frame that babein’ face.



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