Lost Without Love Island??

We’ve become so emotionally attached to Love Island that we literally have no idea what to do with our lives between the hours of 9-10pm.

To get us through this tough time, we’ve put together our top 10 highlights from the show.


1. The Kem & Chris Love Story

True Bromance.


2.Cash Hughes…


3. “Dick Sand”

Thank you Olivia.


4. The squad’s reaction to Camilla pretending she had sex with Jamie in the hideaway

Yassss girl.


5.”Enjoying those nuts mate?” 

Karma comes back to bite Jonny as he watches Theo and Tyla do the Dirty Dancing lift.


6. Stormzy’s tweet

(poor Chris paid for that)


7. Marcel ” I used to be in a band innit”


8. That moment Chris introduced us to “Muggy Mike”


9. “A lil bit leave it” Kem & Marcel’s rap

Watch out for Chris’s one liner too!!


10. Kem & Amber win!!


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