College Survival Tips with VVV

Whether you’re starting college or heading back for your final year, honey we will help you survive what will probably be the best and HOTTEST years of yo’ life.

1. Dress to impress on the cheap (all under €35)

Obvs we all want to look LIT (even if you’ve just rolled out of bed with a hangover) so let’s dress to impress on a budget.

2. Budgeting

Ugh!!!! Budgeting is awful, especially when you just want to blow all yo’ money on partying. But in order to survive you need to get that dough in order. First things first, you need to look at your weekly income and budget what you have to spend per week after food, bills and rent (or whatever else you need to fork out on). Then you can blow all the rest on looking good and partying until the sun comes up.

3. Meals

OK, so you just left home and Mom always spoon fed your lazy ass? GIRL get your act together! YouTube is a great place to learn how to make quick and easy meals on a budget. For that cheat day (which more than likely could turn into every day) plenty of takeaways do student specials. You ain’t gonna starve darling, MOMMA didn’t raise no fool.

4. F**kboys

One thing every girl needs to know is how to avoid the f**kboys. YUP!!! You will probably go through them like underwear, but in order to avoid them you need one thing – YOUR SQUAD!!! Get yo’self that group of girls that will literally drag you to the ground to stop you from makin’ that bad decision.

5. Hangovers


You will have more hangovers and ‘OH MY GOD what did I do last night’ days that you’re going to want. How to get through:

1. Water, and plenty of it
2. Paracetamol – yup, that head is going to pay for your intake of bad decision juice.
3. Sunglasses, so no one can see the regret in your eyes from all the bad choices you made the night before.
4. Takeaway – eat all the bad food you want, after all you’re eating your problems away.
5. AVOID looking at your Snapchat story (yes, you will more then likely have documented your entire drunken state on snap).

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