Introducing Carla Jackson

Shes one of the hottest and emerging online influencers RN and we’re kinda obsessed.

How did you get into being an online influencer?

My sister Sue pushed me and told me to do it 🙂 My following grew with the help of her so I’m very thankful for the push she gave me, and to the people that follow me of course! 🤗💗

Describe your personal style.

My style changes all the time. If anyone knows me they know I’m obsessed with shoes! So I’m a massive runner fan, and boots as well. My go-to is probably a pair of funky runners and jeans mid week, and of course Vavavoom on my weekends 😍😍🔥🔥

Biggest fashion disaster??

Haha this is a good one. I remember being no older than 15 and thinking I was gorgeous in my baby pink Air Max tracksuit that I had bought from the Balbriggan market. Safe to say I wore the thing to death! 😂😂

Who is your celeb crush??

Oh it has to be Leo DiCaprio. What a babe! I’ve watched all his films over 100 times. He’s my fave in Gatsby 😍 I’ll hunt him down one day haha!

Holy grail beauty product you can’t live without?

My hot fire eyeshadow pallet from the SOSUBYSJ range 😉  I use it every weekend, makes the blue in my eyes pop! Obsessed 🔥🔥 Also I can’t go about my day without my face moisturiser the Vit E Protect Emulsion SPF 30 from The Body Shop 🤗🤗

A little unknown fact about you?

Hmm, when I was 7 years old I had my ears pinned back 😅🙊 would you guys ever know? 😂

What Netflix series are you binge watching RN??

Oh I’m hooked on ‘Girl Boss’, it’s unreal!!! It’s about the girl who owns Nasty Gal now and how she started it from scratch, I won’t give too much away! 🙊 Dreams do come true if you work hard and never give up! Go watch it 🤗🤗

What’s your party trick?

I’ve a few 🙊😂 My best one I think is I can put my legs around my neck or do the crab and kick over my legs 🤣 that only comes out after a few vodkas of a Saturday night 😅🙊

Biggest role model?

Hands down my big sis Suzanne! For many reasons, she has always made me believe in myself and picked me up when I was down. We work together, play together and she’s my best friend. I look at her success, hard work, blood sweat and tears from over the years and she inspires me everyday to be a good person and to do something that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, if you’re reading this Suzie – I love ya! 💗

What tunes are on your playlist RN?

I’m loving Chris Brown – Questions. Big fan of all Drake tunes, and another fave ATM is YEEC – Juice. Love love love my R&B tracks!

Any nicknames growing up?

All my family members over the years called me C, they still do! I’m still called CJ or Jackson by most people that know me 😋

Where is your fave place to go on a crazy night out?

Big fan of the Wright Venue in Swords, I’ve gone there for the last few years and I’ve seen some amazing acts play there! Also I worked there for two years! My friend Brook Wright runs a club called 22 on South Ann St and it’s after being done up! I’m telling ya it will be the new hot spot in Dublin 😉🔥

Fave A/W trend?

Every year I live in black over the knee boots! Flat for mid week and high for the weekends. Vavavoom have an amazing pair on the website, you all need a pair in your wardrobe 😘😘

What do you hope for the future of Miss Carla Jackson?

I hope to wear Vavavoom for the rest of my entire life 😍😍 can’t get enough! I also wish for health and happiness in what ever I do and no matter where I end up. Life is so short so I’m going to live in the moment and enjoy it! PS, I want to win the lotto and live in Miami 😉 🌴🌴…a girl can dream!



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