What Not To Do At Your Christmas Party

It’s almost December which means only one thing: the office Christmas party. Here at VVV HQ we know how to party, but you gotta remember that you have to face your boss on Monday morning. Here’s our run down of what not to do.


1. Mixing drinks. With shots. And more shots.

There’s only two outcomes when this happens. Either Debbie from accounts is gonna be holding your hair back when the shots make a return visit, or you’re gonna end up crying on your boss’s shoulder over your cat that died two years ago. Don’t be that person.


2. Leave the sexy outfits for the 12 pubs.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a thigh high boot, but you gotta tone it down for the office party. Yes to cute dresses, velvet and faux fur, no to slutty Santa outfits.


3. Stay clear of the mistletoe.

This is a no-brainer, unless you wanna give creepy Dave the chance to get up close and personal.


4. Don’t be a Debbie Downer.

We admire your work ethic, but no one wants to hear about how much you love Excel spreadsheets. Leave the work talk for Monday.


5. Snapchat is not your friend.

We’ve all been there… cringing at the snaps we thought were great craic the night before. You definitely don’t need a reminder of the drunk duet you sang with your boss.


6. Don’t ask for a pay rise.

We get it – you just bonded with your boss with that amazing duet. You think now is the perfect time to bring up that raise you want, but trust us, now is not the time. Abort!!


7. Don’t make a quick exit.

You’re not fooling anyone – your co workers know you’re off to meet your real friends when you start inching towards the door and pretending to go for a smoke.


8. Keep your crazy dance moves for your friends.

Stay away from the dance floor. Even if Single Ladies comes on.


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