Introducing: Natalie Bowles

Introducing Natalie Bowles aka @natalie.jaynee


1. How did you get into being an online influencer?

From studying Fashion Media and Marketing at university; I knew being an influencer would open up opportunities for a future job! (plus i’m obsessed with styling clothes!!)

2. Describe your personal style.

My style changes every day, I am a huge lover of tomboy street styles but also love getting glammed up at the weekend.

3. Biggest fashion disaster?

Probably trying to copy Rihanna’s style back in 2010, bright red hair and hot pants did not suit me in the slightest!

4. Who is your celeb crush?

Ryan Gosling, especially his bleach blonde bad boy look in The Place Beyond The Pines.

5. Holy grail Fashion item you can’t live without?

My Vans!! Favourite trainers in the world -I live in them!

6. A little unknown fact about you?

I actually studied as a primary school teacher before getting into fashion! However, after doing some work experience I couldn’t stand the strict national curriculum.

7. What Netflix series are you binge watching RN?

Stranger Things

8. What’s your party trick?

I’ve got very bendy fingers!

9. Biggest role model?

My big sister!

10. What tunes are on your playlist RN?

From working in Ibiza over the summer I’ve collected a large playlist, at the moment I am loving Bicep – Glue, Mark Jenkyns – Sirens, and Detlef – JayDee

11. Any nicknames growing up?

My sister used to call me Popsi but i can’t remember the reason behind it… probs for the best lol

12. Where is your fave place to go on a crazy night out?

Printworks in London is the most amazing venue! I love house and techno music so the production in there is incredible.

13. Fave trend RN?

I’m obsessed with the Gucci inspired red and green stripes.

14. What do you hope for the future of Miss Natalie Bowles?

I’m starting a new job in London in the new year at a street style sunglasses brand so I can’t wait to excel in the London Fashion Industry!

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