The Hottest 2018 Trends

It’s a new year, which means new beauty trends. Some of the 2017 trends may not have been to our taste (who wants braided brows? No thanks)…but 2018 has brought some trends that are super easy and will look good on everyone.


The Golden Glow

Everyone deserves to be drippin’ in gold. This glow suits every skin type and makes you look like you just spent a week in the sun. Sweep it across the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and above the cupid’s bow, or even on your lids…honey you are golden.


Upside Down Liner

Seeing as everything else in the world seems to be upside down lately, why should your makeup be any different? The new red carpet craze is upside-down eyeliner – get the boldest shadow you have and sweep it under the eye. Go on girl, bring out your bold side.


Inner Circles

We all want our eyes to pop, so yo’ boo can look into them and fall desperately in love with you…more like we want to feel like we are SLAYIN’! Ditch the champagne or white eyeshadows to highlight your inner eye and opt for a more vibrant colour to add that lil’ something to your makeup.


The Wet Look Lip

Okay so high shine glossy lips were here in 2017 and it wasn’t a hit with everyone, but this trend is here to stay and is taking the celeb world by storm. The wet look lip makes you look like you just walked off a catwalk and they will look super juicy and kissable (come on girl, who doesn’t want kissable lips?) Get yourself a highly pigmented gloss or add an ultra high-shine gloss over matte lipstick to get the wet look vibes.


Brushed Brows

Perfect, braided or feathered brows -who wants that? Not 2018. The bushier and untamed the brow, the better. Sack your much loved brow lady and invest in a good clear mascara, because we’re going old school. Fill them in with a pencil if need be but grab that clear mascara and brush those bad boys up to get the perfect 2018 brow.


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