Romantic City Breaks


Known as the city of romance, Paris is one of the top city breaks you can take. Visit the Louvre or the Notre-Dame cathedral by day, enjoy some delish dining and cocktails by night, and finish it off with a romantic stroll by the magical glistening Eiffel Tower.



When you think of Venice, you think of romance. Sit back and enjoy a gondola serenade tour along the canal, or take a stroll through the quiet alleyways and look up at the marble palaces. Enjoy a tasty meal with views at canal side bistros and some bubbly or a cocktail. #Romance in a nutshell.



With it’s super amazing landscape, colourful buildings and cool cafes and bars, Reykjavik is becoming a new hotspot for city breaks. With it’s Gulfoss waterfall and Northern Lights, this place screams romance. Relax and unwind in the Blue Lagoon spa and let the snow topped mountains and fresh air let you fall in love. We guarantee you will be dying to return.



If it’s good enough for Kim and Kanye’s wedding, it’s good enough for us. With it’s timeless landscape, endless art, top class shopping and exciting restaurants, this is the perfect romantic destination. Stroll the olive groves and cobbled streets by day, then at sunset head to the Piazzale Michelangelo and enjoy breath taking views of Florence and the romantic sunset while bae has his arm wrapped round you.



When you think of Bruges, you might think of Colin Farrell, but if you want to visit a fairy-tale town then Bruges is for you. With its picturesque cobbled lanes, medieval buildings and waterways, it’s definitely for the fairy-tale lovers. Bruges is a foodie’s dream, especially when it comes to chocolate. The restaurants are mouth-watering and the bars are endless, but you need to visit De Republiek for it’s atmostphere. Create your own fairy-tale in Bruges with bae, you won’t regret it.

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