10 Reasons why Kourtney is our fav Kardashian

Happy Birthday to the hot Momma, here is 10 reasons why Kourtney is our Fav Kardashian

1. Younes Benjamin

Eh ok she is turning 39 today and she is datin’ a HOT AF 24-year-old. We want one of him please


2. Body goals

After three cuties her body is A- MAZING


3. She is confidence goals

Girl got confidence and ain’t nobody bringin’ her down


4. She made us aware of Kim’s crying face

Without Kourtney’s mocking of Kim’s crying we never would have been blessed with the kimoji of Kim’s ugly crying face


5. Her style is slayin’

She does her own thing and we love it.


6. Her honesty is over the top

Kourtney’s honesty brought us some of the iconic KUWTK moments


7. Girl knows her worth


8. She ain’t got time for F#*kboys or dumb ass men


9. The ultimate Hot Momma

YASSS!!! Three babies and girl you’re SLAYIN’


10. Her relationship with Scott made us lol


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