How to get the perfect bronzed glowy skin…

Summer or not we all love to look sun kissed. So, lets chat on how to get that perfect bronzed skin. Ok first things first in our opinion, you’re better off having a hot steaming bath rather than a shower.

Exfoliating, one word (actually two) Epsom Salts. Yup the best thing to get rid of dead skin and old tan. Put about 2–3 big handfuls in the bath and soak in it for 15–20 minutes, it will take off any dead skin on your body, then go in with your body exfoliator and scrub yo body like there is no tomorrow.

Shaving or waxing? Wax maybe 48 hours before hand or if you are shaving 24hrs. Shaving your legs? Again, best place to do that is in the bath. Do not dry shave your legs this will cause those pesky little red lumps to raise up on your legs so make sure you use a shaving gel.

After shaving soak in the bath for a few more minutes, it helps the skin and leaves it smoother from the hot water.

Moisturising? Do not moisturise your whole body, only your elbows, knees, ankles and hands as the tan tends to get darker in these areas.

Paint your nails and toe nails even if it’s just with a clear polish as the tan can stain your nails.

The day you plan on tanning DO NOT shower.

Don’t use perfume or deodorant as this can make the tan go green and girl we don’t want to be green.

Applying your tan… apply the first layer and let it dry, once dry apply another layer as two is the magic number.

Wait until the tan is completely dry before you get dressed.

Always sleep in your tan, as this gives it time to develop properly and you get the best colour pay off.

To get that extra glow to the skin, add some highlighter to the main points of the body where light would directly hit.

  • Cheekbones
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Décolletage
  • Shoulders
  • Down the centre of the leg

Before you do this, you need to make sure the highlighter you use has gold or bronzed undertones. Slip on your hot little number and make heads turn with that bronzed glowing skin.


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