CBB recap

CBB was back on our screen and OMG it was all drama, drama, drama.

From footballers, Hollywood actresses to crazed soap stars, we had it all this season.


With it all over and hunky Ryan Thomas being crowned the winner, let’s have a look back at some of the hot gossip and talked about moments.

The one housemate that had everybody talking was “ROXANNE PALETTE”

oh, where to start.


From her flirtatious friendship with Ben (and she is engaged to be married) to her false claims against Ryan, which caused major controversy on the outside.

Roxie quit the show due to the public chanting “get Roxie out”, she knew she was wrong and Emma Willis wasn’t long putting her in her place. #yougogirl

The real-life ken doll.


Rodrigo was one of those housemates who we kind of all had a love hate relationship with.

He wasn’t afraid to show his true behavior which got him his first warning, but that didn’t stop him. He got booted out of the CBB house, we don’t know what for but eh it must have been bad as they wouldn’t even air it on TV.



Who the hell knew this dude was married??

Eyeing up all the ladies as they entered the house, to leading Chloe on and sending her secret messages in her makeup.

Come on mate, you’re on TV we can all see you. He then told the other housemates he was married (OMG) after they found out about the secret messages.  He said that it was harmless and Chloe was making it out to more than it was.

Dan & Gabby!!


So, we all know about the drama with these two in the past, they apparently had an affair. But actually, nope it  never happened.

Dan, away from his wife, had a moment, and gave us all the feels when he said he loves his wife and missed his kids. But viewers seem to think that there was sexual tension between the pair.

I don’t know guys, we think Dan is genuine and wants his lady back.

This season gave us all the feels and who better to win, only the hunky soap star Ryan Thomas.

VVV was always on #teamryan.


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