How to survive College


OK so you’ve finished school, starting college and telling everyone how you can’t wait.

Eh let’s be real, you’re absolutely terrified. But don’t worry Hun, we’re here to help.

Here are some of our top tips to survive your first year at college.

Dress to impress

You don’t want to roll out of bed lookin’ a hot mess. Head over to and bag yourself the cutest little outfit that will turn heads, but at the same time won’t break the bank.


Get your funds in order

It’s your first year, we get it. All you want to do is splash your cash and go partying. But in order to survive you need to budget that money. You can’t keep ringing up Daddy lookin’ for a loan (let’s be real you’re never going to pay it back) but you’re an independent lady. Sort yo’ funds out.


Stay away from the F#%kboys

The no. 1 rule girls, don’t do it. They may be beautiful and telling you what you want to hear, but deep down you know, you know.


Don’t forget to sleep

With all the madness and studying, don’t forget to take time out and nap. You need to recharge to keep on track and believe us beauty sleep is 100% needed.


Don’t be a party pooper

If you’re the good girl in the house, studies non-stop, attends every class, gets straight A’s and never goes out, ugh girl come on it’s college don’t be a part pooper. Let your hair down once in a while and be the fun smarty pants.

Try hit the gym

Ok ok, look we know it’s not what you want to do. But taking 30 minutes out of your day and hitting the gym will recharge your little hot body and give you the energy to say YES let’s kick some butt today. Oh, and let’s not forget, the gym is the best place to eye up some male candy.



 Don’t be a Fast-food junkie
We all love fast food. But your body isn’t going to thank you when all you’re doing is drinking & eating Mc Donald’s all the time. Learn how to cook, it’s really not that hard. You’re probably going to be watching YouTube non-stop anyway, so stick on a bit of Jamie and get yo’ little ass into that kitchen.





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