Dating or on the hunt?? BEWARE!!!



It’s officially “Chuffing” season and we all want that someone to cuddle up to and to watch the x factor with.

But before you go in search of the love of your life on tinder, let’s just get up to date with the dating terms floating around the new 21st century dating circle.


So you’ve been dating yo’ man for the last couple of weeks/months but he won’t introduce you to his family or friends. Girl he is stashing you away and doesn’t want anyone to know about you, ugh the cheek. But you don’t care because he’s HOT.




Flirtatious texts, cute dates but now he has just disappeared. Hello, excuse me are you hiding?? Nope hun, he’s gone, vanished without a trace. You check his social media to see if he’s still alive but the douche has blocked you. You have officially been ghosted.



You’ve just been ghosted and he slowly comes crawling back into your life by following you on insta and liking your posts, sending you texts like nothing ever happened. Yeah, they do that, men!!!!



He likes you but he doesn’t want to commit to a relationship. So, he puts you on the sub’s bench as a back up option just in case someone else better comes along.


Catch & release 

Men love the chase, they get the thrill of putting the effort in and chasing you until you agree to finally go on a date. He gets what he wanted, cuts you off and moves on to the next. He basically thinks he’s a big ass player.


Side barring 

With your other half or it’s just a first date but they spend the whole time on their phone. You’re going to have better conversation with the man behind the bar rather than yo’ date hun, sorry.



You’ve been dating for a while, but you know that things aren’t going to last. So you start sliding into DM’s on insta and lining up some cute men for when it does end, just to soften the blow.



You’re on tinder and you just matched up with a hottie and you want to send him a S**T load of love hearts but he sends them to you instead and you can’t believe this has happened to you. You have a date organised and all your dreams have come true, until you see this creepy man coming over and yo’ like eh mate do ya mind, I have a date with a babe RN move along. Girl you just got catfished this is yo’ date.



Not as bad as catfishing but it’s nearly just as bad. When the person who you think you have a connection with, has lied about every little thing about himself, his age, his job etc just to make you like him more. If he’s lying now babe, it ain’t a good start.


The slow fade 

You thought things were going well but you notice he ain’t replying to your texts, plans are getting cancelled and he can’t find time to reschedule. He is slow fading you darling cut him loose now before he does it to you.



It’s Christmas!!! We all love to have someone to cuddle up to on the holidays. Your ex appears out of nowhere on a night out and he manages to talk you into going home with him. Yup!!! Apparently 10 single ladies every Christmas hooks up with an ex. DON’T DO IT!!!!





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