Last minute Halloween Ideas

It’s that time of year again where you gotta decide if you’re gonna dress creepy or cute. If you’re last minute like us we are leaning more towards cute and seeing it as an opportunity to wear our favourite outfits and get creative with our makeup. Either way Halloween is one of our fave days and we have a few last minute ideas for you so you can dress up for the occasion with minimum effort.




Feline Fine
Why not embrace the leopard print trend and rock it head to toe. Add a little tail & ears, whip out the liquid liner for sharp cat eye flicks and a cute nose. Good to go!
Or maybe grab a classic black jumpsuit , puuurfect those flicks and transform into cat-woman.


All black everythang

If you’re feeling witchy or vampy vibes, just pull on your best black bodysuit or LBD and get creative with hair and make-up with some Halloween inspo from the gram. A little fake blood and liquid eye-liner can go a long way!


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