Beauty trends 2019

It’s a new year, which means new beauty trends. Some of the 2018 trends may not have been to your taste but 2019 has brought back some old style trends that are super easy and will look good on everyone.

Bold lips

Bold lips

Less on the eyes more on the lips. Make your barely there base and eyes pop with a bold lip.

Lilac hair

Lilac hair

Lilac hair is making a comeback girls, book into yo’ hairdresser and get with the trend or if you’re brave enough just leave your purple shampoo on for a lil longer.

Glossy makeup

Glossy eyelids, glossy lips, glossy skin, we want it everywhere. Say bye bye to the matte look because it’s no more. We are saying hey to shininess.

Baby bangs

Back in the 1960s, stars like Audrey Hepburn popularized this style and its back baby.

Neon nails

The trend a lot of people didn’t want to see coming back. But it’s here to stay in fashion and now it’s taking over the nail industry. We all want to hate it, but let’s be honest we love a lil bit of neon in our life.

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