Saying bye to Love Island 2019

It’s that time guys, we have to say bye to Love Island for another year. What are we going to do now every night at 9pm?

Let’s look back at the best bits from this years Love Island. From Tommy’s triangles to Maura’s mammy, we have laughed, cringed and shed a few tears.

The best bits from Love Island 2019!!

Tommy & his many love triangles

Maura & her sayings

Ellie Bellie

Tom’s “I wonder if she’s all mouth ” comment

Casa Amor drama

Amy’s leaving speech

Michael pieing Joanna and not leaving with her

Amber pieing Michael & recoupling with Greg

Storm Anna featuring Jordan & India

Greg absolutely destroying Curtis with this comment, Curtis knew he messed up

Maura delivering the best one liner to Jordan

When Maura’s “Mammy” was more bothered about seeing Ovie than Curtis

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