Top Movies to watch this Valentine’s Day

Single and staying in or maybe you and your bae are just gonna chill this Valentine’s. Here is our fave movies that will get you all loved up or make you cry because you’re sitting in on your own on V Day. It’s ok babe, we’ve all been there.

Fifty Shades

Crack open the wine and get out the ice cream because you’re gonna need it to cool yourself down while watching Mr. Grey make you sweat.

Image result for fifty shades

Valentine’s Day

Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher & Patrick Dempsey all in the one movie, what more could you want.

Image result for valentines day movie

The Notebook

True love does exist but it will make you cry your eyes out. But it’s so worth it.

Image result for the notebook

Crazy Rich Asians

Wish you fell in love with a rich man, this will make you want to. But his mother is a B***H.

Image result for crazy rich asians

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