How to have a relaxing staycation for 2020!

Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t been anyone’s year! Our plans and new year resolutions were forced out the window soon after we made them! (not that we were gonna stick to them anyways 👀) and with all the risks and travel restrictions in place, it looks like that dream of a sunny break away from all the chaos is impossible this year. Which is why we have made a list of fun and relaxing ideas that you can do during your time off. Have a vacation right from the safety and comfort of your own home!

Plan out your holiday period!

Give yourself a set holiday time, whether it be a week or just a couple of days, planning a set holiday period for yourself gives you that familiarity of taking time off for a vacation but less of the stress (no rushing to catch that flight last minute). Plan it like you really would be away from home, so log out of your email and turn off your work devices! It’s you time!

Let’s get creative in the kitchen (or on just eat!)

Each night, whether it be with your household or by yourself, save some money and have a bit of a laugh making an international dish that you always wanted to try out! Don’t trust yourself in the kitchen? Don’t worry, try finding local cuisines online and have them delivered to your door! Not only can this be fun and exciting, but you will be supporting local food businesses which is a bonus in the current climate!

Have a mini festival in your back garden

Devastated that you won’t have that EP experience this year? And that gramable outfit will spend a whole year in the back of your wardrobe! We say, why wait? Have your own mini festival in your back garden with your household. Pop that tent up and camp out, hang up some fairy lights, have the BBQ ready, get that bomb ass outfit on and get the tunes going! All of the craic with none of the queues!

Don’t have your outfit yet? We can help you here >> Day Drinks outfits!

Get the official EP playlist on Spotify here:

Have a chilled spa day!

Not into the festival scene? Don’t sweat it, have a nice relaxing spa day to yourself in the comfort of your own home. Run yourself a relaxing bubble bath, read your favourite book and play some soothing background music. If you really wanna treat yourself, get a nice luxurious face mask, some new pj’s and a couple of your favourite scented candles and just let all your stress melt away.

Movie marathon!

Prefer low key? Can relate! You can’t go wrong with a classic movie marathon and some of your favourite snacks and a sneaky glass of wine (or bottle, we won’t judge). If watching movies by yourself isn’t your vibe, then try ‘NetflixParty’. This allows you and your friends to stream the same Netflix movies and TV shows at the same time but from the comfort of yer own homes! Can’t get better than that 👌

Link to netflixparty:

Plan your future vacations!

We all know that nothing can compare to an actual vacation away, so why not plan your holiday for next year? Use this time off to do some research of those hidden gem locations around the world, you never know what you might find! Having something to look forward to will really get you in the holiday mood! And if you don’t feel like going abroad, there are amazing holiday locations right on your doorstep! Here is a great place to start looking in Ireland:

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